Still Enamored with Spuffy Fanfic

I last posted in LJ some nine months ago and thought by now I would've definitely moved on from my Spuffy fanfic addiction and back to more typical and intellectual reading pursuits. I'm embarrassed to admit I'm still reading an excessive amount of Spuffy fanfic--I think I need some serious therapy or an intervention because I can't seem to quit. Oh well, here's some of my favorites from the last few months:😊
1. Spuffy Luvr--Beneath It All and Piece of Cake, both found at Elysian Fields (EF) are wonderful examples of fanfic--well written, engaging, with both tears and laughter. I love this author's work and feel incredibly grateful such a talented writer is currently active in the Spuffy fandom.
2. Greyangel--I recently reread all of Greyangel's work that the wonderfully organized Sara at The Spuffy Realm (TSR) has shared with me. The following Greyangel stories are set in the All Human (AH) world: Kidnapped by Her Lord and Master, Dancing in the Dark, The Hunters (such a great story!), Winters Storm, and The Gambler. My favorite, though, has got to be Wheels on Fire, a season 2 fic vampire/slayer fic.
3. Spikeskat-I just love the AH story Second Chances (found at Sinister Attraction)--it's such a heartwarming, sentimental tale. I recently reread it and enjoyed it the second time around. I've read enough Spuffy now that I'm starting to reread favorites--at this rate, I'll never conquer my addiction! I also discovered Spikekat's Forever series--canon based post series tale.

Happy Reading!

More Spuffy Reading

I've read a lot more stories since my last post two weeks or so ago, so many in fact that I decided to list my favorites. There are just so many wonderful stories out there in this Spuffy fandom that I'm amazed and grateful that there are still exciting treasures for me to discover. Hunting for Spuffy stories is almost as fun as reading them! Anyway, here is my list:Collapse )
1. Sacred Flame by Nocte-I couldn't help re-reading this wonderful story while I was browsing The All About Spike website. One of my favorite Spuffy stories I've read this year, it satisfies all my yearnings--future reunion after much time apart, a fascinating and believable plot, Spike's enduring love for Buffy and Buffy returning that love, and insight into Buffy's relationship with her friends. I often think of this story when I'm daydreaming it sticks with me that much.
2. To Save a Lady by Slaymesoftly--Wow, I love this story! I I had downloaded the story into iBooks from The Spuffy Realm a while back and didn't realize I hadn't read it yet, so I was happy to find it to read when I was stuck waiting with no internet connection. I enjoyed the portrayal of the Scoobies in this story as being very aware of Spike and Buffy's attraction to each other and not disgusted by the idea, a refreshing change from canon and a lot of fanfiction. Add in time travel to Victorian London and an intriguing ending, this is a story that makes my Spuffy heart very happy.
3. Fate by Moluvsnumber17--Once again a story where Spike meets up with Buffy in the future after time spent apart. Spike and Buffy's unfolding relationship in this story is very sweet and hopeful, set amidst an interesting plot with Angel looming as a bad guy.
4. Always Come Back to You by Spuffy Luvr--Another story that I had downloaded into iBooks and was so glad to find because I love Spuffy Luvr's Proud Trophies Won in Foreign Fight. I really enjoyed Always Come Back to You because it springs from Season 9's comics storyline and provides a believable explanation for Buffy's condition. It is also a story that reunites Buffy and Spike in the future after fifteen years spent apart, as always a favorite plot line for me.😊

Back to Basics

I just realized I've gotten out of the habit of posting about my BTVS fanfiction reading odyssey. Sharing the reading experience with other LJ Spuffy fans helps me clarify my thoughts and provides me with a record of these addictive fics that I consume with a frenzy, like I'm afraid all the archives will be shut down tomorrow. Anyway, I've spent the last two days at the Narcolepsy Archive ploughing through the stories there. It's good to be back in the land of SpiKe the Vampire and Buffy the Slayer after spending probably way too much time in the All Human realm. The stories archived at the Narcolepsy site are fantastic--some authors I've never read, like Caitlin. The Spuffy Realm's found fics forum lead me Caitlin's Pleasant Dreams fic, then of course I had to read all her other work, too! So here's my list of favorites from the Narcolepsy site:
1. The Arena Series by Kismet--wow, I love this series. I am such a sucker for kidnap fics where Spike and Buffy have to fight for each other. And I love it when Angel realizes that Spike and Buffy are together and in this story Angel can't tear himself away from the video evidence of just how deliciously much they are together. Yeah, this fic might make my top five favorite Spuffy fics I've read this year.
2. The Ostara Project by Kismet--I started this story for bedtime reading last night and stayed up until 3am because I couldn't put it down--geez, I have no control when it comes to my fanfic addiction. Anyway, this a La Femme Nakita crossover fic so I was expecting to be able to control myself and stop after one chapter but the story really pulled me in. It's another kidnap story with a really interesting ending. Kismet's writing style just really appeals to me--it's fast paced and thought provoking without being too heavy. So today I was happy to find another Kismet story--The Fated Series--happy sigh.
3. He's Back by Lisa Y. Drexel--This long, interesting story is set in Season Three and has an opening chapter that grabbed my attention and kept me reading. Angel has lost his soul and Spike comes back from Brazil to help Buffy dust evil Angelus for good.
4. Buffy's New Man by Adlervan--I am so grateful I found the Narcolepsy site because I don't think I would've had the good fortune of reading this story otherwise. I just love the snappy, witty dialogue in this series of interrelated stories and the development of a mature relationship for Buffy and Spike. This story made me me humbly appreciate the variety and depth that has gotten me so immersed in fanfiction.

Summer Son by Red Rover 1980 and the Frustration of WIPs in fanfiction

I read Summer Son by Red Rover 1980 last night and of course forgot to check finished versus unfinished status and after several hours of reading (this story is loooong) it ended unfinished and in a sad, frustrating place! Now I cannot get that story out of my mind--the writing is excellent and so poignant--I'm glad I read it even though it was unfinished. I guess the frustration of having an unfinished story is part of the experience of reading fanfiction--that feeling of longing and unsatisfied desire for closure (sounds like a bad love affair--hmm, another interesting and educational  aspect of fanfiction--great sex  and unrequited love scenes). Anyway, I must be in a self-flagellation mood lately because I have re-visited a few WIPs this week because they've been on my mind: Mountain Dew by Dutchbuffy, and A Dying Dream and Shards by Europanya. I re-read them knowing I would still long for an ending and closure but also with great appreciation and gratitude that Dutchbuffy and Europanya shared their work at all. So I guess I will add Summer Son to that list of unfinished stories I can't stop thinking about and that niggle at my mind when I'm daydreaming...ahh, sweet frustration! The experience of reading fanfiction reminds me of that almost cliche, familiar Shakespeare quote: "it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all." Yep, maybe it is better to have read a wonderful, unforgettable WIP than to have never read it at all!

Spuffy reading list-Friday, August 16, 2013

1. Closer and Closer by Dampersandspoons-wow, really fantastic writing and with a sexy, vulnerable Spike and a mega-rich Buffy. I enjoyed the story even though it was unfinished. Dampersandspoons is so good though, it's worth the read.
2. Squawks--Squawks' stories are really fun to read and set in the all human universe, but Spike and Buffy are wonderfully in character. I really liked Win My Heart and Swimfan. I just felt happy after reading several of her stories.😊
3. For the Sake of the Song by Science-I loved this story. It's an all human story but I easily identified with the author's characterization of a vulnerable Buffy and an older Spike. I was not expecting a surprise plot twist which really added to the story's spice factor. This author just has such a nice flow to her writing and I was so pleasantly surprised to stumble across it.
4. Glimpses by HarmonyFB-I found this through Slaymesoftly's Slay Me awards mentioned in Snowsister's journal. I can see why this story is considered a classic must-read Spuffy fic. The writing is so vivid and the opening scene is so memorable and intense with a just enough angsty ending to get leave you thinking.
5. The Present by Laure Alexander-I think that I've read all of Laure Alexander's work, even the Spike/Willow series that pains my Spuffy-loving heart and the racy Sin Wagon saga. However, this little PG-13 fic has me thinking about that particular Spike and Buffy and wondering how they're doing, like this vampire and Slayer really exist somewhere. The author just really grabs me with the plot of this story and leaves me wishing there was more because I want to know what the future holds for them.
6. Prologue to Life/I Know You by Slaymesoftly--my first re-read of a story I've already enjoyed. I just couldn't stop thinking about the storyline and had to read it again. I think it was even better the second time around and could enjoy some nice structural effects, such as the repetition of the phrase "I Know You" throughout pivotal parts of the narrative. This story just satisfies so many of my Spuffy loving quirks with a confused but definitely intrigued Spike and a Buffy thrilled to just be with him. Sigh....simply wonderful!

I love Dampersnspoons!

I just revisited my favorite fanfiction author today as a reward for working so hard this past week and realized I haven't read several of her stories. So I finished The Bond--really excellent writing about a taboo subject, incest, which in a way ties in with the whole canon storyline of Buffy feeling "wrong" having a relationship with a vampire she repeatedly labeled a soulless killer. How do reconcile the wrongness of having a relationship and even a child with your twin brother or with a vampire guilty of a hundred years of killing even though there is epic love? Such an interesting and thought provoking story. I also read Dampersandspoons College is Awesome, one of the funniest stories I've ever read! There are so many clever nerd and sci-fi references in this story that I'm going to retread it tomorrow! The third Damperandspoons story I read is Milkshakes and Motorcycles set in 1950's suburbia. The author's pop culture references are so on target you feel like you're watching the movie Peggy Sue Got Married. And of course Spike is way cooler than even James Dean. Now I have to decide if I'm going to read Closer and Closer even though it's unfinished-I think I'm going to have to, I can't resist!

Spuffy Reading--July 26, 2013

Up all night--again😞. Read: Persephone, Desire and Deception, Older and Crave, Teach Me How, Echoes and Southern Comfort
1. Persephone by Botias: I was well on my way to bed until a followed a link which got me so engrossed in this gorgeous story that I decided I could live without sleep. The sex scenes are some of the best I've ever read and by now, I've read a lot of them. I love this passage:
"After a tense moment, his body language relaxed subtly. Maybe something about her lying prone at his feet, Buffy thought, as she glared up at him. His hands moved to his waist, and she saw the hated buckle glint between his fingers as he began to work the leather free." Botias intermingles the Persephone mythology with the story's plot that brings a season two Buffy and Spike together. The author didn't complete the story but did update with her notes in March 2013 which left me fairly satisfied--man, this story would've been fantastic if completed to the same level of skill as the first ten glorious (the author uses the word "glorious" to great effect in one passage so I thought it fitting to use it here!) chapters. As a bonus, I enjoyed reading the chapter reviews almost as much of the story!
2. Desire and Deception by Ashlee
3. Older and Crave by Nautibitz--I put off reading Nautibitz's work because I had a preconceived idea that I would find her work too much like a bodice-ripping romance novel. Boy was I wrong! I loved both Older and Crave--again a surprise because both stories are of the All Human category. When I first started reading fanfiction this year, I snootily avoided all AH stories as being somehow "illegitimate." If Spike wasn't a vampire and Buffy wasn't the Slayer, than why bother reading? It wasn't until I read Corruption by Dampersnspoons that I left my snooty attitude behind and began enjoying some wonderful AH Spuffy stories. I loved Dampersnspoons Only Time Will Tell so much that I wanted to read everything that she ever wrote!
4. Teach Me How--Speaking of Dampersnspoons, I also read her charming story Teach Me How. I have a few of her stories saved to read for a rainy day😊.
5. Echoes and Southern Comfort by Holly--I REALLY enjoyed Echoes. It really satisfied a lot of my yearnings for an exploration of Slayer/Vampire mythology and a story about the destined nature of Buffy and Spikes's relationship. I also love time travel fics and this story shifts between modern day and the past. I also enjoyed Southern Comfort, a story that has Buffy and Spike in New Orleans during Season 4 without the rest of the Scoobies around to get in the way. I love those stories like Stranded And Castaway where Spike and Buffy must rely on each other.

Reviews of Spuffy Reading --July 18, 2013

I've been immersed in Paganbaby all day and especially liked Room Service and its two sequels--very well written and refreshing. I also read Star Quality and just when the story began to delve into Spike's looming drug addiction (the definite non-fun by product of a porn star's life), the tale stopped. I was bummed-- I was hoping to get some closure or epiphany for the Buffy characters parading around in the porn industry. Heavy sigh--I really shouldn't read unfinished stories because I get very cranky. Right now I'm reading Paganbaby's I'll Be Seeing You where Spike is a ghost in a house that Buffy purchases. I love how visual her description of Spike is n the third paragraph: "His long-fingered hands were decorated with silver rings; he wore a padlock necklace on a chain around his neck; his nails were painted black, the polish chipped." Really nice, solid writing that gives me an immediate visual image of Spike that keeps me reading. I must admit I'm a sucker for those silver rings, though, so maybe I like any Spuffy writing that makes me recall Spike's hands adorned with those rings-- yum.

Spuffy Reading for Week of May 27-June 3, 2013

The two stories that stand out for me in this week's Spuffy reading are Prism and Kaleidoscope by Penny Lane. I believe she writes under a different name on Elysian Fields, something like Lizear? Anyway, I loved her Infiniti story so much and then loved Prism and Kaleidoscope not knowing the same author wrote all three stories--it was a nice moment when I made that connection.

I also greatly enjoyed Castaway by Ripe Wicked Plum. I didn't realize it was a WIP until the end, but it ended in a fairly good place so I still enjoyed the story.

I also re-read Enigmaticblues this week Unsuffer Me and its sequel Certain Dark Things--I LOVE those post season two fics when Buffy is on her own after sending Angel to hell! I also read The Great Advantage of Being Alive and realize I'm starting to enjoy Spike becoming human fics, too. I'm still not sure about my feelings toward all human Spuffy fics, but I must say I really liked Damperandsoons' Corruption--quite well-written, hot, and engrossing.

Oh, almost forgot an All Human fic that seems to be read primarily for its smut content but ended up surprising me by being an entertaining story--ummm, can't remember it offhand--something by Aleese? I'll have to backtrack and find it!

Spuffy fans, please send me recommendations of stories that are "must reads" if you happen upon my rumblings. I've just been use the "stumble upon" approach to my selections so far but maybe I should start getting more scientific? Anyway, I'm loving my Spuffy reading project for 2013!

Reading spuffy fanfiction-completed list week of May 13-20, 2013

I am loving my reading focus for 2013 because there are so many wonderful choices and amazing authors in the Spuffy genre. I finished Can I Keep You by CandyNicks last night and it was wonderful--such a complete portrait of Spike's journey of redemption with a Buffy he meets in 1880. I cried happy tears at the end and immediately began searching for another fic to ease that bittersweet feeling. It's so hard to choose, though, so I am perusing three stories at once before my next selection.

I also completed several Lizerrrbeathan stories this week, The Book of William being my favorite. Such a complex take on time travel and alternate dimensions. The author must have a background in theater because her descriptions of actors and the mechanics of putting on a successful play provide a satisfying background for my favorite two characters, Spike and Buffy. I love the author's use of Romeo and Juliet throughout The Book of William--so many passages from this wonderful Shakespearian play can be applied to Spike and Buffy's relationship and Lizerrrbeathan does so beautifully.

Other stories read: Eurydice's Charms of the Clarion; almost all of Annie Sewell Jennings's stories (I especially loved The Last Summer and The Story of Randy and Joan--man, those tales stay with you); and The Heart of the Night by Rabid. I feel overflowing with gratitude for these stories and the talented authors who write Spuffy--thank you, thank you, thank you!